Why You Should Keep Your Boat In Enclosed Storage

Boating is an enjoyable hobby and is fun for a wide range of people. There’s nothing quite like a day on the lake. But boating also requires some level of logistics, as boats are large and unwieldy things to keep around.

One of the best ways to store your boat is in an enclosed storage unit. Steelcreek Self Storage In Greenville and other Watson & Taylor Self Storage properties have some of the best boat storage in Texas and some reasons why enclosed self storage is an ideal location for your boat.

Protect Your Boat from the Elements

Every seasoned captain has encountered choppy waters and stormy winds at some point. But while you can time your boat outings to avoid storms for the most part, your boat itself isn’t that lucky if it’s moored at a marina or in your driveway. High speed winds, pouring rain, and hail can damage your boat in a myriad of ways--as can extreme Texas heat coupled with a bright sun. 

An enclosed boat is a protected boat from the occasional wrath of Mother Nature. Rain or shine, your boat will be ready for your next adventure.


Storing your boat on the water or outside is convenient, but it comes with some security risks and the potential for vandalism or theft. But with your boat stored at Steelcreek Self Storage in Greenville or other Watson & Taylor Self Storage properties in an enclosed storage unit, you’ve got another layer of protection. With numerous 24-hr surveillance cameras, bright LED lights at night, electronic gate systems and individual door alarms at some locations, we do our best to ensure your boat and everything in it stays safe from harm.

Free Up Space At Home

Sure, you could use up a large portion of your garage or driveway to store your boat, but is that really the best way to utilize your property? By storing your boat in an enclosed storage space, you can reclaim your space for cars, tools, or other items and make your home more flexible and useful for you and your family.

Save Money On Insurance

Did you know that proper boat storage and safety measures can result in lower insurance premiums on your boat? It’s true! Many boat insurance providers will lower your rates if you can prove your boat is safely and properly stored in the offseason. Fully enclosed storage units protect your boat much better than a marina or driveway.

Self Storage is the Ideal Choice for Boat Storage

Where to store your boat is an important question you’ll need to answer. Storing it in a self storage unit is a great way to protect your boat from the elements, keep it safe and secure, and free up space in your garage or driveway. We provide boat storage at the following locations:

Greenville, TX: Steelcreek Self Storage
Dallas, TX: Watson & Taylor Self Storage
Whether you’re looking for temporary boat storage or a long-term option, Watson & Taylor Self Storage has the units you need. Reserve a unit today!
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