Tenant Insurance

Storage Tenant Insurance through Safestor Insurance

Our Tenant Insurance

Get tenant insurance that works for you

In our effort to bring you a better storage experience, we offer Storage Tenant Insurance through Safestor Insurance.

We require you to have tenant insurance, either through your homeowner's policy or Safestor.

Safestor Insurance is offered and underwritten by Repwest Insurance Company.

SafeStor offers $5,000 of coverage for $11.95 which includes flood insurance.

What’s Covered?

Safestor covers you in case of loss or damage to your goods which are stored in your unit rented at a Watson & Taylor or Steelcreek Storage Property from all the following major perils:

  • Fire & Smoke
  • Tornados, Wind, & Earthquakes
  • Vandalism & Burglary
  • Lightning & Hail
  • Building Collapse & Explosion
  • Leaking & Rising Water
  • Vermin & Rodents

We are not an insurance advisor or agent, and we urge you to carefully read the certificate of insurance information provided to you by Repwest Insurance Company relating to Safestor Insurance.

If you elect upon move-in not to have Safestor Tenant Insurance, please provide your Declarations Page from your Homeowner's or Renter's Insurance which shows proof of offsite coverage. Click Here to download insurance information.

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