How to Use Self Storage to Make Your Holidays Better

The winter holidays can be both exciting and exhausting. With shopping, parties, gift swaps and school programs vying for your time and attention, it can be hard to squeeze in everything that needs to be done. At Watson & Taylor Self Storage, we provide every day and holiday storage in Texas including North Dallas (Addison) as well as Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. We'll explain how self storage can help you manage your time and space for a more efficient— and enjoyable—holiday season.
Pre-Holiday Prep De-cluttering is a great way to start whipping your home into guest-ready shape. Get into the spirit of giving by donating unwanted items in good condition. Or make a little extra holiday cash by selling them online or at a local consignment shop.
Of course, you'll need a place for belongings that you want to keep but don't have space for with all those holiday items around. A storage unit is perfect for stashing off-season clothing and decorations to make way for Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holiday gear. Clear out those random odds and ends so your spare room can actually be used to host overnight guests—or at least make way for all those winter coats when holiday company arrives.
Wrap It Up in Peace
From the slightly curious to the full-on nosy, most families have at least one member who tries to sneak a peek at holiday gifts every year. Self storage offers the perfect way to stop snoops in their tracks. Without a key or lock combination, curious household members won't have access to presents you place in your storage unit. Of course, off-site storage enables you to hide presents, but you can also create a gift-wrapping station inside the unit. Just bring a gift-wrap caddy with all the necessary supplies, set up a card table, get some Christmas music going, and voila! You have a spy-proof spot for uninterrupted wrapping.
Be Prepared
If you've always envied those perpetually prepared holiday shoppers among us, vow to join their ranks. Pick up presents as you find them throughout the year and place them in your storage unit. Put each gift in a box or other protective container, and label it with the recipient's name. It's a great way to give gifts that are special and meaningful—not purchased last-minute because you didn't have time to find just the right thing.

You'll also love having a place to temporarily stash your Black Friday or Cyber Monday bargains, and holiday storage will help you keep post-Christmas deals organized and out of the way. After the festivities, you'll have a safe, convenient place in which to store your decorations, wrapping supplies and other seasonal items until next year.
Holiday Storage in Addison, TX From pre-party de-cluttering to wrapping your gifts in peace, holiday storage makes it easy to cross multiple items off your winter to-do list. If you are looking for self storage in Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio, contact us today. Our friendly staff will help you find the perfect unit for your needs. Or easily reserve self storage at our website. Be sure to check for specials!