The Benefits of RV and Boat Storage in Greenville, Texas

There's no time like summertime in East Texas and in and around the lake country near Greenville, TX. If you're an avid user of your motor home, boat or RV, this is the time of year to head out for adventures on the open road and water. With stretches of highway ahead and many lakes off Interstate 30, everything you need is right in front of you. If you're short on parking space at home and need somewhere to keep your RV and boat, Steelcreek Self Storage has a few reasons why you'll benefit from our boat and RV storage.

3 Major Benefits of RV and Boat Storage

You save space at home.

Boats, RVs and motor homes take up a lot of space in driveways and garages. If you decide to park them on the grass, you'll drive away one day and leave a brown patch behind. You need a dedicated spot to park your boat or RV to save space at home. Our storage facility has fully enclosed parking space for boats and RVs up to 53 feet long.

It keeps your RV and boat secured.

Keeping your boat and RV safe is important, especially if you're worried about break-ins. With RV and boat storage, your vehicles stay locked away and secured day and night. Our storage facility in Greenville, TX, has bright LED lights to illuminate the area at night. More than 75 security cameras keep an eye on your vehicles as the electronic gate with keypad entry prevents trespassing.

They stay protected in the elements.

Having a fully enclosed parking /storage unit means keeping your RV, boat and other vehicles protected during any season which also lowers your RV insurance. There's no chance of the sun's UV rays damaging and fading any vinyl or leather upholstery. You won't have to worry about rust and debris buildup when your vehicles are parked in their own space with a convenient motorized door for easy access.

Features You Want

Don’t just store your boat, motor home, or RV anywhere. At Steelcreek Self Storage, we have the features that you both need and want. At our premium facility, you get access to a wide variety of features, including:
  • Dedicated 30amp, 120v power outlet
  • Fully enclosed boat and RV parking
  • Dump & wash stations for boats and RVs
  • Drive-up climate controlled units
  • Surveillance cameras and LED lights at night
  • And more!

Boat and RV Storage Done Right

You're never far from a lake in Greenville, TX. Our renters visit the wide variety of lakes in the area, including:
  • Sulphur Springs lake
  • Lake Lavon
  • Ray Hubbard
  • Tawakoni
  • Cypress Springs
  • Lake Fork
  • Bob Sandlin
  • Monticello
  • Cooper Reservoir
  • Big Creek Lake
  • Lake Crook
Whichever your choice of lake, our short-term RV and boat storage comes in handy during the summer, providing you with a place to park everything when you're not out venturing for the day. When the season changes and you need long-term storage, we'll keep your RV, boat, or motor home safe and secured until you need them on your next adventure.
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