Self Storage and Mattress Storage: A Perfect Pair

Mattress Storage
You'd like to convert the guest room into a home gym. Perhaps you're saying goodbye to the kids as they graduate and leave their beds behind. A good mattress can last 15 years, but you don't have room around the house for spares. The solution to this oversized problem is simple: mattress storage paired with a convenient, affordable storage unit at Watson & Taylor Self Storage in Baytown, TX.

Start With a Clean Mattress

Whether your mattress is headed for a short layover or a long-term stay in self storage, it needs a good cleaning. Make sure it gets a fresh makeover before moving day with these cleaning tips:
• Give the mattress a liberal sprinkle of baking soda to absorb moisture and odors. • Use a hand vac to clean and freshen the mattress top, bottom, and sides. • Hand-clean its fabric with an upholstery cleaner by carefully following product directions. • Let the mattress dry for several days before moving it to your storage unit. • If the weather stays on your side, finish the drying process outdoors in the sunshine.

Move It Like a Pro

Professional movers work in teams, and they drive heavy trucks. You need help too, so enlist a volunteer. Your back will thank you. Invest in a rental van or truck with plenty of room for your haul. Your mattress will enjoy a safer ride.
When the big day comes, cover the mattress with a breathable fabric bag specifically designed for mattress storage. If possible, let it make the trip lying flat in the truck. If you have to transport the mattress on its side, secure it so that it doesn't fall over during the trip to your storage unit.

Make the Most of Mattress Storage

It's OK to transport the mattress on its side, but this isn't the best position for long-term storage. Instead, lay the mattress flat across level supporting furniture or on a storage pallet.
Don't put anything on top of it. Even small boxes can leave permanent dents or tear the mattress bag. Keep your storage unit fresh by placing cedar blocks in corners. These on-site perks help make the most of mattress self storage:
• High-tech security, individual door alarms and surveillance systems throughout the facility • Drive-up units for easy loading and unloading • Free dollies and carts that streamline moving day work

Rest Easy With Our Storage Solutions

When you move an extra mattress to one of our secure storage units, you can rest easy. Your investment is safely tucked away until you're ready to bring it back home. Here at Watson & Taylor Self Storage, we're always happy to pair you up with the best storage solutions in Baytown, Texas.