Dont forget Self Storage for Your Business

Self Storage
Every business that sells physical products needs to store those products somewhere. Inventory storage is therefore an important component for both small and large businesses in the Dallas metro. While there are a lot of small business and commercial storage options, self storage is a fantastic option for inventory and office storage. Watson & Taylor Self Storage has some reasons why our Addison, TX, storage facility is the answer to your storage needs.

Save Money With Self Storage
At first glance, it might seem that paying extra money to rent self storage wouldn’t be financially viable business storage. But this isn’t the case, especially when you look at the numbers.

In and around Dallas, TX, office space costs from $20 per square foot for the cheapest Class B space to $42 for the most expensive Class A space, at an average of about $25 per square foot. At that cost, adding 25 square feet—about the size of a small walk-in closet—in office space costs $625 per month. But at our storage facility in Addison, TX, you can get the same business storage space for about one tenth of that price!

Storing inventory and supplies in a storage unit is cheaper for businesses of all sizes than storing it in the office. That’s a win regardless if you’re a startup or an established company looking for commercial storage.

A Convenient and Secure Option
A self storage facility isn’t just one of the most cost-effective ways of adding space to your business. It’s also one of the most convenient and secure.

At our Addison facility, there is a manager living onsite, so you can have peace of mind about emergencies and security. With over 40 cameras and bright lighting, even at night, you can be sure we’ve got a watchful eye on your items.

You’ll be able to access your unit every day of the week between 7am and 9pm. We sell boxes and supplies on site, cutting down on the amount of back-and-forth you’ll need to do. Need to store vehicles? We’ve got covered and uncovered spots available for fleet vehicles. Drive-up units? Climate control? We’ve got those, too! And with bilingual staff who speak fluent English and Spanish, we’re committed to offering all our business customers excellent services. We can also take deliveries for you, so you can have items delivered directly to where they will be stored.

Holiday and Temporary Storage
Many businesses are cyclical and have both a busy season and a more relaxed season. For many businesses, the busy season syncs up with the peak holiday season around November and December. For others, the peak season may fall elsewhere.

Either way, self storage is ideal for additional storage during these periods of higher sales volumes. Maintain flexibility by renting a storage unit for only the months that you need it, making your hard-earned business dollars stretch further by only paying for the storage when you need it. And if you have an unexpected sales surge, a self storage unit can help you accommodate it and provide great service and products to your customers.

What You Can’t Store In a Storage Unit
Self storage is great for all kinds of inventory and office storage. Some commonly stored items in our Addison facility include:
  • Printers, papers, and ink
  • Desks, chairs, and other office supplies
  • Pharmaceutical inventory
  • Signage, furniture, and electronics
  • Clothing, makeup, and cleaning supplies
  • And more

However, not everything can be stored in a storage unit due to safety and legal concerns. Some of these items include:
  • Perishable food
  • Animals or pets
  • Plants
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Firearms
  • Explosives

A good rule of thumb is that, if you wouldn’t leave it unattended in an unlocked apartment for weeks at a time, it shouldn’t go in a storage unit. If you have any questions about what you can and can’t store, give us a call and we’d be glad to help you out.

Self Storage Can Help Your Business
Running your own business can be tricky. Don’t let worries about inventory storage or space restrictions get in the way of what you do best. Reserve a unit online at Watson & Taylor Self Storage in Addison, TX, today!
Self Storage