What Common Items Can Be Damaged by the Cold?

The winter is brutal on storage items, especially those that are kept in a backyard shed or inside a garage. Climate controlled storage is the ideal option for keeping your things protected from temperature damage. Not all items are sensitive to extreme temperatures, but you don't want to take a chance on storing items that could crack or malfunction due to the cold. Watson & Taylor Self Storage has a few items to consider keeping in heated storage this winter in San Antonio, TX.

3 Items That Require Climate Controlled Storage

Electronics such as TVs, DVD, players and game consoles should be kept in a temperature-controlled storage unit. Extreme cold can make the plastics brittle and cause them to crack during temperature fluctuations. For example, if it's cold one day and warm the next, the plastics could easily warp and crack. The internal components could also crack and cause permanent damage to the items. Heated storage comes in handy for keeping your electronics at a consistent temperature no matter how cold it is outdoors.
Musical Instruments
Musical instruments such as guitars and pianos are also prone to temperature damage. They require a consistent temperature to prevent warping and cracking. If the temperatures dip too low, the wood and other parts could tighten and cause tension in the body, creating hairline cracks and other damage. Consider keeping the following instruments in a heated unit during the winter:
  • Guitars
  • Synthesizers
  • Woodwind instruments
  • Acoustic and electronic drums
Wood, leather, and glass furniture is also at risk of damage due to cold temperatures. Heated and cooled storage units protect leather chairs and wooden tables from cracking. Leaving these items in a shed or a garage during extreme cold temperatures could damage them for good. Not only will you protect your furniture in climate controlled storage, but you'll also free up space at home for other things.
Heated and Cooled Storage for Your Items at Watson & Taylor
Storage units with climate control are the best solution for keeping electronics, musical instruments and other items protected against the cold. Watson & Taylor Self Storage provides climate controlled heated storage that not only protects against temperature damage but also pest infestations and humidity in San Antonio, TX. Whether you're storing a little or a lot, we have storage units to suit your needs and budget.