Climate Controlled Storage Helps You Stay Cool in the Texas Heat

Texas is famous for its summer heat which often continues into the fall. That heat prevents you from storing temperature-sensitive items—that is, unless you have climate controlled storage. At many Watson & Taylor Self Storage locations, convenient climate controlled storage is available for your items.

What is Climate Storage?

Climate controlled—or temperature controlled—storage units are cooled when it’s hot outside and heated when it’s cold outside, just like your home or vehicle. Not only does climate control keep units cool in the summer and fall heat, but it allows the unit to stay the same temperature year-round.

Why Would I Need a Climate Controlled Unit?

Many items are sensitive to temperature changes or temperature extremes. These items could be irreparably damaged by the hot Texas temperatures if stored in a non-climate controlled unit. Common items that ought to be stored in a climate controlled unit include:
  • Wood furniture
  • Leather furniture
  • Photographs
  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Musical instruments
Obviously, heat and cold can cause damage, but it’s not just the temperature that matters for a climate controlled unit. Moisture is also an enemy to many items, and prolonged exposure to either extremely moist or extremely dry air can sometimes be more problematic than temperature extremes. Dry Texas heat spells or wet Texas storms can indirectly affect your items in lots of ways—unless you use climate controlled storage.

Why Choose Watson & Taylor Self Storage?

With 15 locations, Watson & Taylor Self Storage is a convenient storage option for those looking for Texas self storage. Climate control is only one of many benefits of renting a unit from Watson & Taylor. With four decades of service for you and your belongings, your items are in the right hands. Our family owned and operated facilities have the superior storage features that you want and need to make your storage experience a great one:
  • Convenience—LED lighting, pay online functionality, exceptional service
  • Security—24-hour security cameras, individual door alarms, perimeter fencing
  • Affordability—move-in specials, 12-month “No Increase” guarantee

Contact Us Today for Texas Self Storage

If you’re looking for a climate controlled unit in Texas, look no further than Watson & Taylor Self Storage. Our 15 storage locations are conveniently located near the San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas metro areas. Contact us to discover more information about our facilities and to rent a unit today!
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